Pub On Wharf
The sheep!

Our staff

An eclectic bunch from all over the world, our staff are the backbone of the pub. Rocking our motto ‘no gimmicks, just good honest kiwi hospitality’ these fine young folk bring fun, passion and a genuine flair to the pub.

They love to pour a good pint and can be seen enjoying one or two in their down time. Here to make sure you have a great time at your local, the beers keep flowing and the food arrives hot, our team are sure to make you feel at home!


Staff member


Ops Manager. 21years of age ;) Originally from Essex England. Not the UK! Likes golf balls & Bobby Charlton's Hair Style. Here for a while......

Staff member


Congratulations to our first Pub baby! Kirsty is back with the team leaving her young child to fend for his self!

Staff member


Bar & Restaurant Manager. Originally from Tottenham, North London. Likes Ink and KFC. It was his idea to turn Thiery Henry into a centre forward! Here for a while.........loving Aotearoa!

Staff member


Experienced Duty Manager. Originally from the family of Loxley. Likes Quiffs, gyms, girlfriends and baked beans. Has found his new home here in the bubble.

Staff member


Our local Head Chef, rocking some cool tattoos! and keeping everyone in line

Staff member


Token Pomme in our culturally diverse kitchen team. Origins lie in Bristol, so it could be said he is as much Welsh as English. Bags of experience but lends himself to the tastes of the Orient.

Staff member


New Duty Manager to join the ranks. Fresh faced, but ruthless when it matters.

Staff member


Adding to the Britpack is our soon to be Duty Manager. A confident North London lass who loves a glass of vino.....or two

Staff member


Our ever dependable Kimbo. A seamstress in her spare time, and a our secret weapon when branded in Pub clothing.